"I want to thank you so much for making these available and to let you know that they will help me enormously in thinking about my own painting journey and which way to head from here. Your paintings are wonderful and you give so much of yourself in making them."

Moyra Le Blanc Smith (Artist)

"DearKen, I have really enjoyed the D.V.D's.Much more informative and interesting than the usual.

Very impressed with your approach to the subject and the colours you use.

I also love your self-analysis and explanations as to why you change things.The filming reproduction is also of high quality.

Congratulations Ken-well done and looking forward to receiving the rest."

Kindest regards.Tom Hogg.
“The three disc series stands out from other instructional videos in its exuberant no nonsense approach to landscape painting. The artist demonstrates the benefit of painting in a fearless broad manner whilst remaining aware of tonal values and composition in the plein air approach.

Importantly each demonstration includes the critical reassessment and revision necessary back in the studio. An articulate and revealing insight into the art of painting. “

Robert Simpson. Contemporary artist

” It’s given me a lot to think about and reinvigorated my thoughts about my approach and direction. Very inspiring. I can only hope you do more events like this as you are a great communicator and a wealth of knowledge for others like myself. I watched one of the 3 DVDs as soon as I got home on the rivers. I know that area where you were and have painted around there a few years ago.

DVD is excellent. That quote “ if you have nothing to lose than the opposite must apply” is just what I need to hear.

I’ve been very aware the last couple of years that the way I paint is not truly what I want to say about how I feel about something but I’m not sure what to do about it. That “nothing to lose” quote is very much at the forefront of my thoughts today and I believe is the key to making my own path... my own marks. It’s a breakthrough moment yday for me. "

Thanks mate.
Dave Bull

"I’ve just finished viewing all three of your DVD’s and I loved each one of them ! You came across as a passionate painter who is genuinely interested in sharing his love of art – and refreshingly - as someone who is not afraid to show the process completely, working through the good stuff, as well as problem issues together with the viewer.

It was good that you didn’t fall into describing your tools, colours, brand of paint, etc., that happens in a lot of these types of DVD’s – your emphasis was more on the philosophy of painting with describing tones and colour in terms of mood and feeling of the scene, and this is exactly the sort of insight that aspiring artists need in their continued journey. A true Masterclass.

Your last painting in Golden Pastures was refreshing in that you considered this to be a ‘wipe off’, but to my eyes, this was you being the Sorcerer’s Apprentice to the heat of the day, and being forced to paint the searing heat even though your head was telling you to keep the darks ! It will be interesting to see what actually happens to this particular painting – I thought it was magic.

I thought your idea of reviewing the paintings after one week and then after 3 months was brilliant. I can see the sense in re-thinking the scene and the geometry of the paintings, away from the complexity and urgency of the plein aire experience, to make the painting work better as a painting for the viewer, and as a completed piece in itself. To hear how you worked through this process was really very good, and something that can be used by other artists, as it’s an area that is not often discussed.

It was interesting that you did several paintings of the one subject – I’ve often come back to the same place on different days, different weathers, different seasons, but have never painted the same scene over and over on the same day. I will definitely give this a go, as I can see that you loosen up after the first take into a scene, and see more of the feeling of the place as its painted a second and maybe a third time.

Your commentary was invaluable Ken. Hearing what an artist is thinking while he or she is painting is such an invaluable experience for a novice. It’s akin to taking someone to the next plane of thought, and hearing your thinking process gave a greater insight into how you produce your art, and even though this is necessarily different for each and every one of us, it is still an invaluable comparison. There were many little snippets of wisdom that I took away – ‘You can’t make a painting more exciting in the studio’ was one, but there were many that resonated with me, as I’m sure they will with other aspiring artists. Your attitude that ‘yours is only one way, not the only way’, was very encouraging, giving the viewer license to interpret your information to their own style of painting.

Well done Ken !

I loved the text in your book – great insights into your painting experience. Would love to have seen descriptions and some information on each of the paintings included with all those beautiful paintings. "

Lyn Kosmer - Artist