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Ken Knight Master Class - Golden Pastures Series

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Free shipping within Australia. ($20.00 to O/S)

Come with Ken Knight on an amazing artistic journey where he will demonstrate his prodigious ability to render a painting with extraordinary passion and commitment. In this DVD we see Ken painting a series of two paintings in Jugiong, Central NSW in 45 degree heat. Every part of the painting process is captured by two cameras in amazing detail.

The artist has always maintained an absolute commitment to painting outside during his forty years of painting, and everyone who watches this presentation will be amazed and challenged at the bravura and energy that he incorporates into every one of his pictures that are typically fresh, spontaneous and individual.

We visit the studio later where the artist discusses his philosophy to painting outside and candidly critiques these two paintings offering suggestions in improving their structure and design.

Duration: 78 minutes. 

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