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Ken Knight Master Class - River Series

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Free shipping within Australia. ($20.00 to O/S)

Follow Ken Knightʼs extraordinary approach to painting en plein air when he paints four paintings in one session on the Murrumbidgee River near Jugiong, Central NSW. The DVD reveals every aspect of the artistʼs approach to painting, from selecting the size and shape of the canvas, to brushes and palette knives used. It is his immediacy and ability to see and paint quickly that sets him apart from almost every other artist who paints outside.

Ken talks his way through his unique approach to painting and how he interacts and responds to Nature and continues the examination of these paintings back in the studio. Here, he describes and demonstrates the importance of revision and fine tuning of these outside paintings.

Finally we revisit the studio three months later where the finished works are revealed and Ken continues to comment on what was done to improve their integrity and why.

Duration: 100 minutes.

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