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Ken Knight Master Class - Waterhole Series

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Free shipping within Australia. ($20.00 to O/S)

This DVD presents in stunning detail a dynamic approach to painting on site. Ken Knight has been painting for forty years and this presentation shows him completing a series of waterhole paintings utilising two cameras. Watch the artist paint three large paintings outside in one session and be enthralled in his ability to communicate quickly and spontaneously in paint and in his dialogue, which is elucidating and candid.

He then discusses in detail the three paintings back in the studio where he critiques these paintings. The third component of the DVD provides a summation in the studio looking at the finished paintings, with an analysis of what was done and why.

The importance of studio fine tuning has often been overlooked in the overall technique to painting outside, and KenĘžs explanation on how to improve the structure and design of these paintings is revealing.

Duration: 122 minutes.

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